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MommyDiaries: The Power of Giving

A friend of mine asked me, “So how’s motherhood?” All I could think of besides it being oh so tiring and busy, was that it was just so genuinely giving. You just give, give and give. Then when you think you’re done giving, you give some more. You’re a well without an end…always ready to provide. Perhaps because he’s still a newborn, but you really do get nothing in return. Yes, you get the blessing of motherhood; but that’s from God– not from your child. He gives you nothing but cries and packages every two hours with nature’s call. (She calls him…a lot!). He doesn’t yet smile so you feel like you’re at least getting something, and he doesn’t yet talk to acknowledge you. But still, there’s something so beautiful about this new but ancient bond. There’s still something unexplainable when he rests his head on your chest, soothed to sleep by the very heart beat that brought him comfort for 9 months within your womb. There’s something extraordinary when he can’t calm down with anyone but you, as if he’s telling you, “I know who you are, mama. I can smell (not only your milk) but your unconditional love.”

It’s a different type of love. You enter a relationship so you could get something out of it. Whether it be happiness, companionship or love. If you find yourself endlessly giving without getting anything in return, you’re often disappointed and that relationship comes to an end. But this is the beauty of motherhood (and parenthood in general). It’s a relationship that often feels one sided. Because once they outgrow the newborn phase and join the toddler, teenager and then adult club, you’ll still find yourself giving. You’ll always find yourself giving. And the beauty of it all is that you want to keep giving. Even if there’s nothing left to give, you’ll dig in the treasure that is your heart and you’ll find something. Why? Because you’re a parent–a mother…a giver.


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